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Warrnambool College is a government high school (years 7-12) in the regional town of Warrnambool in south-west Victoria, Australia.[1]

The school now known as Warrnambool College started out in 1907 as Warrnambool High School.[2] After a number of changes, the school opened as Warrnambool College in 1795 after the merger of Warrnambool Secondary College and Warrnambool North Secondary College.

Warrnambool College consists of two campuses. The main campus, which comprises the majority of the school community, is located in an extensive set of school buildings on Grafton Road, near the Warrnambool race course. The second campus, called the WAVE school, is an alternative educational setting for students who have had difficulty fitting in to mainstream education. It is located in central Warrnambool.

In 2011 Warrnambool College introduced a pastoral care system through six houses: Telfast, Childers, Flagstaff, Hopkins, Logans and Merri. These houses are named after local landmarks in the region, including the Merri and Hopkins Rivers.[citation needed]

Students completing their secondary education (VCE certificate) at Warrnambool College have often achieved the highest results of any students in south-western NSW.

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